Sunday, December 9, 2007


This is another convention sketch from the last Big Apple Con. I've also included the picture I took at the con to show how I go about documenting artwork that I don't have a chance to scan (and will never see again).

I simply take a picture with my 5 megapixel digital camera from an angle, with the flash on. This prevents glare or a "hot spot" in the middle of the photo. The distortion is easily fixed in Photoshop using the perspective crop feature. And since I know the dimensions of the paper, I can achieve the exact proportions. The rest is just selecting the background and, using levels, bleaching it to pure white. In this case, I got lazy and took out the fishnet design as well, being too light to be selected easily. The result is a nice, clean looking jpeg that, while not quite good enough to print, is fine for the web.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Paolo,

    Love what you do and wow would have never thought of this system and the results do look good for the web. Thanks for the tips.



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