Sunday, August 23, 2009

Extra! Page

I'm running low on new artwork that I'm allowed to show, so here are some progress shots from Amazing Spider-Man: Extra! #2, page 12. I'm also very tired after a day of cooking and partying—not a bad way to spend a Sunday.


  1. seeing the color page reminded me that you mentioned a couple of weeks back that you were going to elaborate on your recent breakthrough experience with comic coloring....details?

  2. hot damn, that is a sexy page. I'd love to see the reference shot for the top left panel with Spidey ;)

  3. Michael, you are so right — I totally forgot. I'll try and get that together for Friday's post.

    Eric, I actually don't think I used any reference for that page. I remember having some problems with that particular figure, but I was able to solve them with some transformations in Photoshop.

  4. damn.. I totally was going to guess that you were posed hanging off of a bunk bed in that pose, haha.. totally would've completed the spidey costume. Paolo Rivera, age 9. Either way, it's an awesome panel and you'd never think you had problems with it.

  5. Yes, that's what Spidey looks like after someone shoots his friend with a shotgun.



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